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Get started with buidling your own beat selling website

Video: How to Use the Soundee Pagebuilder: A Step-by-Step Video Guide by Ryan from Heate

Join Ryan from Heate for a step-by-step guide on using Soundee Pagebuilder to elevate your website design. Don't miss this informative video!

How to Enable the FAQ Section

Enable FAQs on Soundee Pagebuilder to enhance user experience and streamline customer support on your beat-selling platform.

How to connect your domain to your stores

Soundee allows you to add custom domains that you can attach to your stores. So your store URL does not look like this: but instead looks like this ⭐   This is a PRO feature. ⚠️   note: we don't pr...

Set up an Exit-Intent popup

How to enable the Exit-Intent popup 1. Open the Page builder on your store. 2. Scroll to Exit-Intent Popup section and click enable. 3. Set up a prompt message. This is the message that will be displayed the moment they're about to exit your websi...

Parameters Tracking and Functions

With our Parameters feature, you will be able to add parameters to your link, similar to how UTM tags work, so that you can track and identify your visitors. This data will then be included in your Webhooks V2 event objects and Zapier. Paramet...

How to set up Cart Abandonments

How can I start capturing cart abandonments? You can capture cart abandonments events with our new Webhooks V2 feature or Zapier integration.  When is a cart considered "abandoned"? A cart will always be marked as "abandoned" after 30 minutes of s...

A Guide to Setting Up Affiliate Marketing on Your Soundee Store

Boost sales on your Soundee store with our guide to affiliate marketing. Learn how to track, manage, and reward your affiliates for success.

How to change your website/player logo

Log in to your website/player. Click on the top-right menu and click "Open Pagebuilder". Scroll down to the logo section. Edit the logo by editing the text or uploading an image. Click "Publish" to apply the changes live. That's it! Your new logo ...

How to Add Your Soundee Facebook Catalog to Facebook

Follow this step-by-step guide to add the Facebook Catalog from your Soundee store to your Facebook account. This integration will allow you to use your catalog in Facebook's advertising and shopping features. 1. Locate the Catalog URL in Your Sou...

Video: How to Setup Google Analytics to Your Page Builder

Creating a Store on Soundee

How to Change the Duration of "New" Track Labels in Your Stores

Keeping your store's catalog fresh and engaging is key, especially when highlighting new tracks. If you're looking to adjust how long tracks are labeled as "new" in your music store, follow these simple steps: Navigate to Studio > Stores: Start b...