Uploading Beats

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Using Soundee's 'Schedule' Tool

Soundee's 'Schedule' Tool: Elevate Beat Release Efficiency. Learn how to streamline your beat-selling business with Soundee's innovative 'Schedule' tool. Automate your release strategy, maintain consistency, and optimize productivity.

Uploading Your Beats to Soundee

Choosing Your Upload Option: Untagged or Tagged

Selling Basic Licenses or MP3 Licenses: Providing Untagged Files

To sell basic licenses or MP3 licenses on Soundee, it's crucial to upload an MP3 without your producer tag.

Selling WAV Licenses: Uploading WAV Files

Discover how to prepare your music for WAV licensing on Soundee by following these simple steps for uploading untagged WAV files, ensuring the highest audio quality for your customers.

Uploading Track Stems: Two Convenient Methods

In this article, we describe two ways you can upload your track stems.

Adding Artwork to Your Track

Enhance your brand by using fitting artwork.

Optimizing the Metadata of your Beats

Optimize your Soundee beats with genre, BPM, key, moods, artists, and tags. Enhance discoverability for a broader audience.

Embedding a YouTube Video for Enhanced Visual Appeal:

Enhance Visual Appeal with YouTube: Easily embed your YouTube videos with these simple steps on Soundee for a more engaging experience.

Discover Beats with Hooks: Enhance Your Pro-Page Experience

Streamlined Browsing with 'Beats with Hooks': Learn how to use this feature on your Pro-Page for an enhanced customer experience.

Managing Your Beat's Selling Status

Manage Beat Selling Status: Easily control your beat's availability with these simple steps, including options for 'For Sale,' 'Not for Sale,' and 'Sold.

Setting Up Bulk Deals for Increased Sales

Boost sales with bulk discounts like 'Buy four, pay two.' Customize and create deals in Soundee Studio for sales growth.

Allow Offers for Exclusive Rights

Manage Exclusive Rights Offers: Enable or disable customer offers, set an exclusive price, and define a minimum offer amount for your beats.

Adding Collaborators to a Track on Soundee

Easily collaborate on Soundee tracks for richer music. Share, credit, and create together.

Deleting a Track on Soundee

Delete Soundee Tracks: Permanently remove tracks from your Soundee collection with these steps. Carefully consider the decision, as it's irreversible.

Downloading Your Public MP3 on Soundee

Get your MP3: Download your Soundee MP3 for backups or collaboration with ease.

Re-Uploading Your Public MP3 (Tagged MP3) on Soundee

Re-upload Soundee MP3: Replace or update tracks easily. Navigate to your track, click 'Re-upload Public File,' and follow the steps.

Viewing Your Track Page on Soundee

View Track as Customers: Assess presentation and alignment with your marketing strategy by clicking 'Go to Track' in the 'Actions' menu.

Customizing Your Upload Preferences

This article will teach how to set and adjust your upload preferences.

Setting Default Upload Values: Streamline Your Workflow

Find out how you can optimise your upload process by setting Default Upload Values.