How can I start capturing cart abandonments?

You can capture cart abandonments events with our new Webhooks V2 feature or Zapier integration. 

When is a cart considered "abandoned"?

A cart will always be marked as "abandoned" after 30 minutes of session inactivity.

When does the abandoned cart event fire?

The event will only fire when the abandoned cart is recoverable, which means that the session has identified a user. 

We came up with 3 ways to identify users:

  1. The user is logged in.
    The visitor has an account with Soundee and is logged in on your Soundee website/player.
  2. Leads
    You have captured the visitor's email by one of the following events:
    1. Free downloads — the visitor has requested to download one of your beats in return for an email address. 
    2. Store opt-in — the visitor has opted in with their email address from the homepage of your Pagebuilder website:
    3. Exit-intent opt-in — the visitor has opted in from an exit intent popup. Learn how to set them up here.
    4. Previous transactions — The visitor has previously purchased beats from you within the same session.
  3. Identifying users with Parameters
    1. You've added a tracking email parameter to your links, e.g., ?email={email_address}
    2. You identified users through our JavaScript API.

If the cart is recoverable, by default, you will instantly receive the event `cart.abandoned` in Webhooks V2 or a `Cart Abandoned` trigger in Zapier.

However, 30 minutes might be too fast to approach your customer. For example, when the shopping cart has a high total price. In this case, you want to take your time with the customer before reaching out to them.

Therefore, we've created a "Smart Delay" feature to configure a delay based on the total abandoned cart price. So the trigger fires at the perfect time to initiate your emails/funnels. 

You can configure your Smart Delays at Studio > Selling Preferences

Soundee Cart Abandonments Delay

Where can I find abandoned carts?

You can view the list of cart abandonments at Studio > Cart Abandonments