Are you looking to level up your beat-selling game and master the art of email marketing? You've probably come across the CCS program and the Soundee Launch Program. Both courses can work together to supercharge your success in the competitive world of music production and beat selling.

Quick Recap:

CCS (Constant Conversion Strategy): CCS is a foundational program designed to equip you with broad skills essential for beat selling and effective email marketing. It's about understanding the landscape, mastering versatile strategies, and being able to adapt to various platforms and situations.

Soundee Launch Program: This specialized course is laser-focused on leveraging the Soundee platform to its fullest potential. It zeroes in on the intricacies of integrating Soundee with ConvertKit for email marketing.

Can They Work Together?

The short answer is yes! While they were designed as separate products, each effective in its own right and with its unique focus, there's plenty of room for synergy.

Different Email Marketing Mechanics: CCS and the Soundee Launch Program both cover email marketing strategies, but the Soundee Launch Program introduces specialized tags and custom fields in ConvertKit designed specifically for Soundee integration. These don't align directly with the more general approaches taught in CCS.

Website Setup: While CCS encourages the use of platforms like WordPress for creating custom websites, the Soundee Launch Program centers around Soundee's page builder. However, you can use your knowledge from CCS to create a more comprehensive website and then integrate Soundee's features for a powerful online presence.

How to Make Them Work Together

  1. Complement, Not Replace: Use the Soundee Launch Program to enhance your CCS knowledge. The advanced, Soundee-specific strategies will build on your foundational understanding from CCS, offering you more tools in your marketing arsenal.
  2. Selective Integration: Apply learned concepts from the Soundee Launch Program selectively into your broader CCS strategies. While not everything will align, innovative integrations—like certain automation tactics—could be adapted with some creativity and tweaking.


In the world of beat selling, knowledge is power. CCS and the Soundee Launch Program are two powerful tools in your arsenal. CCS lays the broad foundational knowledge necessary for anyone starting out in the beat-selling world. It offers strategies that are applicable across various platforms, setting a strong base for your marketing endeavors.

On the other hand, if you're using Soundee to sell your beats, the Soundee Launch Program is specifically designed for you. It's a targeted resource, optimized for Soundee users. This program takes the general tactics from CCS and refines them for a Soundee-specific approach, offering detailed insights and strategies that apply directly to this platform.

In short, while CCS gives you the overall groundwork, the Soundee Launch Program is the specialist's guide to making the most of your Soundee beat store. We recommend leveraging both programs for a more focused, effective approach if Soundee is your platform of choice.

So, whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your Soundee game, these programs can work together to empower your success in the music production industry.