What is considered an abandoned cart?

There are 3 ways a cart can be considered abandoned on Soundee.

Either on the Page Builder or an embedded player someone either:

  • Clicks to pay and opens up PayPal/Stripe and doesn’t finish their payment after 30 minutes.
  • Goes to the checkout page and doesn’t finish the checkout in 30 minutes.
  • Adds an item to the cart and doesn’t checkout in 30 minutes.

How can Soundee Track Users Who Abandon Their Cart?

In order for Soundee to track users who abandon their cart, Soundee needs to be able to identify the session with an email address.

  1. If a user is logged in on their Soundee account on your embed player or page builder website.
  2. If a user gives you their email on the Soundee page builder or embedded player by doing the following:
    1. Email opt-in
    2. Exit intent popup opt-in
    3. Free downloads of a track
  3. You also use custom parameters to track their email from within a link they click that’s being sent in your ESP. These custom parameters are “email” and “firstname”
  4. The person clicks to pay with PayPal/Stripe and enters in their email on the page, but doesn’t purchase.