Aside from instrumentals, Soundee allows you to sell other products like Sound Kits, also known as sample packs.

Uploading them to your store is a pretty straightforward process if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Soundee Studio.
  2. Navigate to 'Sound Kits.'
  3. Click 'Create Kit.'

Uploading Kit Contents:

  1. Under 'Files,' upload your ZIP file or provide a shareable link.
  2. Provide an appropriate title and description for your Sound Kit.
  3. Add artwork by selecting 'Edit Artwork.'
  4. Choose your preferred privacy settings.

Setting Selling Preferences:

  1. In 'Selling Preferences,' define the kit's status and price.

Metadata and Collaboration:

  1. In 'Metadata,' specify the type of kit and add relevant tags.
  2. If you collaborated on the Sound Kit, add your collaborator and allocate the agreed-upon share.

Managing Your Kit:

  1. To delete your kit, simply click 'Delete' and follow the prompt.
  2. To view your kit, click 'Go to Kit.'

In summary, Soundee offers a user-friendly platform for musicians and content creators to not only sell instrumentals but also expand their offerings with Sound Kits or sample packs. The process of uploading these kits is made simple through a series of intuitive steps within Soundee Studio, allowing you to efficiently share your music or sound creations with your audience. By following these steps, you can effectively manage and monetize your Sound Kits, enhancing your presence in the digital music marketplace.