To tailor your upload preferences, follow the steps below within Soundee Studio. 
To start, locate and click on 'Upload Preferences'.


When uploading a beat to Soundee, you can choose between two options: 'Autotag' and 'Tagged'.

  • 'Autotag' generates a tagged version automatically.
  • If you upload a WAV files will convert to tagged MP3s by default.
  • In the absence of a custom voicetag, a default Soundee tag will be used.
  • To personalize, upload your own custom voicetag (producertag).


  • If you want the tag to play only once throughout the beat, switch to 'Play Once'.
  • For the tag to repeat multiple times, toggle to 'Loop'.
  • Adjust when the tag plays using 'Start at (Sec)' and set the interval with 'Interval (Sec)'.
  • Optimize tag audibility with 'Loudness Normalization' to achieve a consistent amplitude level.

Note: Please note that changes to your upload preferences will apply to future uploads exclusively.

Customizing your upload preferences empowers you to create beats that align with your unique style and production needs. Enjoy the flexibility and control over your sound!