Bulk deals, or bulk discounts, are a powerful tool to boost the quantity of licenses your customers purchase while elevating your average order value. Typical bulk deal offerings include 'Buy four, pay two' or 'Buy two, get one for free.' To configure bulk discounts, follow these steps within the Soundee Studio:

  1. Accessing Bulk Deals Settings: Navigate to the 'Bulk Deals' section within Soundee Studio.
  2. Customising Bulk Deals:
    • Configure your desired bulk discount options to entice customers, these are totally customizable to your liking.
    • Common options include 'Buy four, pay two' or 'Buy two, get one for free.'
  3. Setting Inclusion or Exclusion:
    • Decide if this specific beat is to be included or excluded from bulk discounts.
    • By default, the beat is automatically included in bulk deals.

Leverage bulk discounts strategically to drive more sales and increase the overall value of each order.

The bulk deals are created per license, so you would have to create separate deals for each type of license.